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Campground Services, Inc.


AuDi Campground Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

AuDi offers opportunities to people on the basis of their qualifications, with the assurance of equal opportunity and treatment regardless of race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation or national origin.

Here's Some Questions and Information That May Help You Decide

Do you enjoy being outdoors in a camping environment?

Do you enjoy meeting and interacting with people?

Do you enjoy working with others and being part of a "team"?

Do you like to stay physically active?

Do you like to have a sense of accomplishment and of a job well done?

Do you like having opportunities to explore some very scenic locations.

Do you have a self-contained RV in good working order?

Are you able to devote a summer season to working with us?

If your answers to the above questions are "yes" then please fill out an application or contact us.

Host's FAQ's

  • Q:
    Will I be required to clean restrooms?

  • A:
    Yes, we stress the need for clean restroom facilities.  Our campers expect and deserve restrooms that are regularly maintained to high standards.  It is one of the most appreciated services a host can do for their guests.


  • Q:
    What do we need to do to keep the campsites up to standards?

  • A:
    Check campsites after they are vacated and before the next camper arrives.  Make sure any trash/debris is removed from the campsite, including the fire ring (ashes need to be cleaned out when 3/4 full).  Take a good look around the site to make sure there are no unsafe conditions existing (trip hazards, broken or loose table seats/tops, etc. look up as well to make sure there are no tree hazards.
    When a campsite is vacant is the time to do any needed trimming - do not trim when a site is occupied.


  • Q:
    Will I have to purchase the needed supplies for maintaining the restrooms and sites?

  • A:
    No, any supplies or equipment needed to maintain the restrooms and campsites are furnished by AuDi.

  • Q:

       Do I have to provide my own transportation inside the campgrounds or between                         campgrounds if I cover more than faciltiy?

  • A:

       With very few exceptions you will be provided with a golf car to do your rounds in the                campground or if covering more than one facility then a company vehicle is provided.

       In the rare exception of having to use your personal transportation then you will be                    compensated.

Current Employment Opportunties

Island Park / Dubois Areas - Idaho:

We are accepting applications for the 2024 season.

Call 208-270-0094 for more information

Oregon / Wyoming / Idaho (other than Island Park & Dubois Areas:

Call 541-351-1182 for more information.

Our Application Process

* You May Attach a Resume and/or Photo While Completing Your On-line Application *

Alternate Method

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